Debauchery Carmenere



An intense and deep red wine with notes of purple and violet. Debauchery Carmenere has warm aromas of spice, oak and woodland fruits. Its subtle decadence is finished with a pleasant kiss of vanilla and cream, soaking the mouth with a feel that is fresh, silky smooth, rich in fruit and blended with hues of fresh tobacco.

Debauchery Carmenere grapes are grown in Chile's Maipo Valley south of Santiago. This valley begins a stretch known as the Central Valley which includes four major wine regions that form the heart of Chile's wine industry. Changes in altitude from the Andes down through the plains combine with cooling breezes to create an ideal terroir for producing exceptionally structured, persistent and long red wines.

ABV: 13.5%  

Food Pairing:  

Particularly tasty with poultry, pasta, creamy cheeses.