Debauchery Cabernet Sauvignon



Debauchery Cabernet Sauvignon presents a complex, flavorful blend of fruit and plum with splashes of vibrant, decadent flavors such as chocolate, raspberry jam and caramel. A deep ruby red, this wine's bold structure lingers over the tongue, offering peppery and oaky nuance. The grapes of Debauchery Cabernet Sauvignon are grown in the rich soil of Chile's Maipo Valley south of Santiago nestled between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean. Famous for producing excellent red wines, this region enjoys hot days and cool nights and is irrigated naturally from the melting snows of the Andes, bringing constant ripening until harvest

ABV: 14%  

Food Pairing:  

Particularly tasty with spicy foods, red meats such as porterhouse steak or tender rack of lamb