There are few things more refreshing on a scorching summer day than an ice-cold beer. But don’t reach for just any beer – find one that is fresh and flavorful and just right for the season. Here are a few of our favorite types of brews to sip in the summer.

Wheat beers

Wheat beers, including German-style hefeweizens and Belgian-style witbiers, are crisp and balanced. Many have spicy or citrusy notes that pair well with fresh summer food.

Fruit beers

Fruit beers take full advantage of fresh seasonal flavors – from peaches and cherries to blueberries and apricots. Pair them with dinner or dessert, or savor them all on their own.


Hoppy IPAs were originally brewed to survive in hot temperatures, and they still go well with this type of climate. Opt for an IPA with a little fruit flavor for an extra refreshing taste.


There is nothing heavy about the pilsner, a lager with a light golden color and a smooth, malty flavor. Pilsners usually have low to medium alcohol content, so they are ideal for sipping at a summer BBQ or poolside.


Use our beer finder to locate your favorite summer beer!

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